Raw Hemp Milkmaker via Yaoh


Cool. I haven't done a kitchen product post, since the recycled glass tumblers, where I got gently pummelled for not mentioning glass cutter kits. Wonder what I'll neglect this time around? Not that I'm about to ring the Guiness Book of Records to double check, but we are told that this particular product is a world first! Seems the Raw Hemp Milkmaker can conjure up fresh hemp milk in but seconds. And should you weary of the taste you can also use it for sunflower, cashew, hazelnut and almond milk too. It's £60, but the best feature might just be that it's apparently easy to clean. And no doubt the thing works by dropping in a bag or so worth of dehulled organic hemp seeds. We're not entirely sure though, because the site is a tad thin on any detailed information. But such said seeds provide the full amino acid spectrum that "gives complete vegetable protein, whilst retaining the trace mineral content too." And rich in Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 to boot. (£3 a bag, though size is undisclosed) Both from the "UK Purveyors of quality organic vegan hemp products using only the best natural ingredients" — ::Yaoh