Rüegg Brings the Wood Stove Back Into the Kitchen

cook-cook stove photo

Wood fired stoves were very common houses a hundred years ago; the (Canadian) thanksgiving dinner I had a few weeks ago was cooked on one, in a house in the country where it heated both the room and the food.

Now Rüegg has brought the wood stove back into the kitchen, with a design that can work for cooking like a stove top, or open for barbecuing or just looking like a fireplace. Mocoloco calls it a an oven, a grill, and a heating system all-in-one.


Rüegg waxes romantic:

The perception of the fire in a room, from which it seemed banished, the smell of a wood fire in the kitchen, the rediscovery of the real taste of grilled food, remembering the most important things, listening to the crackling of the fire. A few logs means many hours of comfort! While the television falls silent in the corner, the CookCook heats up the atmosphere and gathers family and friends around it.

But it also makes a lot of sense as a backup for when the power goes out.

1. Hood extension
2. Integrated switch flap
3. Hood
4. Smoke outlet channel oven
5. Ceramic hob, with tiltable grill underneath
6. Operating knob conversion grill - oven
7. Filling door oven (2 varieties)
8. Ash draw
9. Combustion air operation
10. Wood storage drawer
11. Device socket with lifting mechanism (Height: 85-95 cm)

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