Quooker: The Boiling Water Tap

Quooker: The Boiling Water TapQuooker is a device from the U.K. that produces boiling water via a tap in your kitchen sink. The tap produces regular cold water, until you "push and turn" to get boiling water instead. It does this by heating the water to 212°F (100°C) in a vacuum-insulated, thermos-like tank, and holding it until it is ready to be used. There are two Quooker models: an 800W one and a 1600W one. Here are some technical specs for the Quooker: the tank capacity is 3L, the standby power consumption is quoted as "10W", and the time to heat from cold water is either 10 minutes or 20 minutes, depending on the model. It also has an active carbon filter that needs to be replace every three years. :: Quooker via OhGizmo!


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