Q&A;: "Glass" Tupperware

We received a question from Marcello F. that read "Does Treehugger know of any companies that make "glass" Tupperware or something to store your food in rather than using plastic? I'm thinking that it can't be the best thing for you when microwaving food in it." Well, Marcello, good question. We've seen a few different websites with information about this "urban legend" if you will and while there has never been any proven incidents that contaminants have posed a serious threat, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration says that chemical components can possibly "migrate" into food from plastics at microwaving temperatures. We say, why take the risk? On Crate & Barrel's website we found several different types of glass storage containers, some with plastic lids and some with glass. Because there are so many, we'll direct you to the main storage container link. We also found a few on Williams Sonoma, but expect to pay a little more. Although we searched, we couldn't find any recycled glass storage containers that were also microwavable. If you're still dead-set on using your plastic containers, just make sure they say "Microwave safe." ::Crate & Barrel ::Williams Sonoma