Planetary Design French Press Travel Mugs


Planetary Design makes some of the nicest looking travel mugs I've seen in a long while—maybe ever. Their line of stainless steel gear is based on the original travel French press, a brilliant idea that puts the press and the mug together into the same unit. The colors are great, the mugs are a pleasure to handle, they seem built to last, and are very affordable. Several of their models come with a French press lid as well as a "sippy cap." This is especially useful for tea drinkers who might otherwise use teabags for every cup. With this design you can use loose-leaf tea and also control the steeping time. While made in China, the company assures us their factory is well overseen and they visit is regularly. Check out How to Green Your Coffee and Tea for more tactics on conscious beverage consumption. Also see our dear friend Anna Cummins' great site, Bring Your Own. ::Planetary Design

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