Perfetto Pasta Cooker by Zevro

We always thought cooking pasta was pretty simple, but the folks at Zevro have made it even easier, and more efficient to boot. Dry pasta and boiling water go in, the lid goes on, and then you just walk away until it's done. They recommend about 20 percent longer than the more traditional stove-top method, which works out to about two or three extra minutes, depending on whether or not you're making angel hair or fettucine. Though it takes a bit longer, it uses far less water -- about half of what you'd use on the stove -- and, according to Zevro, 70 percent less energy. Plus, the lid has a strainer, negating the need for a colander, it's dishwasher safe, and when it's clean, makes for a nice place to store your dry pasta. By my count, that's three uses in one; not too bad (though it doesn't appear to slice, dice, or julienne fries). It hasn't quite made it to stores yet; Zevro estimates it'll hit the shelves in January. ::Zevro