Party Plates Without the Problems

Face it, you've got to be some kind of green saint to use only permanent tableware all the time. Every once in a while, at a small art opening or knitting circle you've got to have disposable dishes. For those times, when you still want your table to look great, there are some perfectly beautiful options available. But in that rare case when you're having a get together for your entire family tree, or Christmas party at work, and you need hundreds of disposable dishes, sexy can be just a little too expensive. Luckily, going cheap doesn't mean letting mamma earth is a great resource for disposable dinnerware with an eye on price. They make a huge variety of dishes, from cafeteria-style trays to soup bowls. Each piece is made from 100% Bagasse, which is the fibrous pulp left over after processing sugar cane. That way, you utilize a material which would otherwise go to waste, and keep more trees standing. Even better, this gives an additional source to income to often poor sugar cane plantation towns. And when you're done, these plates and bowls can be composted down to dirt again -- contact your local waste management company to see if composting is available in your area. :: SinlessBuying Dinnerware [by DM]