New York Times on Recycling Kitchens


Katherine Davis' recycled kitchen in Leftovers, Yes, but Perfectly Crisp

The rich are different from you and me; they throw away perfectly good $ 90K kitchens. "Whether in new multimillion-dollar condos or in previously owned homes, they have been installing their own visions, tearing out brand-new or almost-new kitchens and getting rid of Sub-Zero refrigerators, Bosch dishwashers and custom-designed Italian cabinetry"

However, the New York Times notes that an industry has sprouted up to recycle the detritus of this gilded age, taking away the kitchens, reselling them, and donating the proceeds to charity. Green Demolitions is one. Last year they recycled 225 kitchens. Why would people do this? One developer noted "If I'm a $4.5 million buyer, money is not an object. It becomes, Who am I? Do I really want the same cabinets as the $1 million buyer on the second floor?" ::New York Times See also The Last Owner Only Cooked on Weekends for a list of kitchen recyclers across the States.

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