New Bambu Kitchen Items

Bambu BowlsBambu is definitely on the right track -- their designs are clean and modern and their primary material is organically grown bamboo. The lacquerware bowls pictured here are hand-coiled, moulded and finished with a waterproof natural laquer. They sell for $48 at Re:Modern.

What do we have here? It's none other than a spork (a combination of spoon and fork) translated into bamboo! They go for $8.50 each.

New Bambu Kitchen Items

Bambu have also created these serving trays with bamboo peeled directly from the stalk. They are intended to replace paper plates at your outdoor or indoor soirees. They biodegrade in about 4-6 months after disposal. A package of four, 8" trays goes for $8.

New Bambu Kitchen Items

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[by Justin Thomas]


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