NatureMill's Indoor Composter Is Here!

Several months ago, we were excited to find this indoor composter from NatureMill. Though it sparked some spirited debate about the relative merits of electric, indoor composters, we discovered, sadly, that this model was just a prototype. Well, indoor composters, the agonizing wait is over! Order one today, and chances are you'll be composting by the end of next week -- they ship in 5-7 business days. To review the specs: it'll take up to 5 pounds (2.3 kg) of organic matter per day, which will take care of most families of five. The onboard computer controls the mixing and air flow, brewing up delicious compost about every two weeks without funky compost odors or having to hand-turn the mixture. When the red light comes on, your compost is good to go. It recycles it's weight in waste every ten days, which adds up to over two tons of landfill waste saved over it's lifetime. And, it only uses 10 watts of power, which NatureMill claims is less than the garbage truck would burn in diesel fuel to haul the same waste. There are a lot more fun facts on the joys of composting available at their website, where, if you have US $399, you can now buy one. Thanks to Nancy for the tip! ::NatureMill