Naturemill Low-energy Indoor Composter

Last week, we touted Sharp's automatic composter as a great option for cutting back on organic waste from the kitchen. But it left many of our viewers wanting a little more. Some of you were bummed out that this beauty was only available in Japan. Others were justifiably angry at the 300W power consumption that the unit is capable of. Well, don't ever say that Ol' Treehugger never gave you nothin'; We scoured the web, and found an indoor composter to answer all those questions and more...The Naturemill indoor composting appliance was developed by some ingenious SanFransiscans to eliminate the extra work associated with taking messy kitchen compost canisters out back to the pile, and mixing the pile every few days. Instead, this device mixes, aerates, and insulates the composting waste for maximum efficiency, while a strong air filter eliminates its "musty" scent. The device can handle up to 5 pounds of organic waste per day, which is about average for a family of 5. And you'll be pleased to know that this puppy draws only 4 watts of power, since it uses the heat of the compost to drive the reaction. The only unfortunate thing is that demand is currently outstripping supply, so you have to sign up for their waiting list to get one. But hey, good things come to those who wait, right? -- Update: In fact, demand is totally outstripping supply, as apparently this composter is more of a hypothetical product presented to gauge consumer interest. However, even though the product isn't available, the interest is there. Maybe it's time for all you interested Treehuggers, and people who commented to send your encouragement to the the site's owners.
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