Native Trails Copper Sinks Are Classy and Kill Germs Too

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Native Trails constructs handmade sinks (for kitchen or bathroom) from recycled copper and they look great!! While that hammered copper sink adds a bit of texture and life to your kitchen, that copper provides other (health) benefits you may not know about.So why copper? Well, that handmade, hand-hammered bowl will not only look great in your kitchen, but it's not something you see every day and will definitely make your kitchen stand out. Plus, all the copper used is from 100% recycled sources (hopefully not from the copper under your solar panels or wind turbines. just kidding). They design the copper sink and then ship it to you and you put it in its place. They can design sink bowls in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even get pretty creative in the design.

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But, there is another reason that Native Trails uses copper for its bowls: health. It might seem like a bunch of hocus-pocus, but back in 2008 the EPA said that copper and copper alloy has no adverse health effects and "kills 99% of bacteria within two hours," including many of the bugs that will be going around this holiday season. So, if someone sneezes into your sink, those bugs should be neutralized within a couple of hours. Plus, when you zap them with hot water and soap, that will pretty much take care of everything else. The study did say that copper is to be "as a supplement to - not as a substitute for - standard infection control practices" so just leaving those dirty dishes in the sink and hoping the copper takes care of 'em won't be enough.

Thanks to this study, three hospitals, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York are looking into using copper in different applications throughout the hospital. In particular, they are looking at replacing high contact surfaces in intensive care units with copper fixtures.

Native Trails, based in San Luis Obispo, makes copper sinks but they can also make you a copper tub, vanity or even mirror. Each piece uses recycled copper or reclaimed wood, so you get not only a beautiful piece for your home or office, but you're not using new resources. You can find your next kitchen sink online at Native Trails. Depending on your order, they can also ship as quickly as 48 hour turnaround. :Native Trails
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