Nano, Nano, Everywhere: the Nano Dishwasher

Our Japanese is a little rusty so we are not certain that the picture here is actually of the new Hitachi dishwasher that uses "nano-steam technology"- (nihon-jins check here) "This dishwasher loosens food residue from dishes using ultra-fine steam with a water droplet diameter of 1.5 nanometers (one billionth of a meter). It then washes away the residue by spraying high-pressurized water in sequence from nozzles at the top, bottom right and bottom left.

As a result of its excellent cleaning ability, the appliance uses only 9.8 liters of water, the least amount of water in the industry, to wash 60 dishes, or dishes for seven people. Compared to washing by hand, it uses less electricity or gas as well as less water, resulting in a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 65 percent.

A silver ion coating, which Hitachi adopted for the first time in the industry in 2004, is used to keep the inside sterilized regardless of temperature. Nano-titanium, which has a deodorant effect, is also used to further improve cleanliness. "

We want one for our Nano-kitchen. ::Japan for Sustainability