N1 Kitchen System Is Designed For Outdoors, But Would Look Good Anywhere

Vancouver designer Kyle Thacker breaks the kitchen down to essentials in this outdoor portable system.

The system comprises of three elements: the sink and prep area, the storage unit and the stove system. Focused by its context, the system uses interaction design to create useful interactions, providing undemanding experiences in difficult environments....the N1 system is able to be folded and placed into a container to be shipped anywhere in the world. The portable kitchen also works well in less demanding situations where portability and an entire kitchen system are required.

The kitchen has some clever ideas, including a cutting board that adjusts to the size of the crowd being cooked for, with a built in scale. The stove has no dials or knobs; turning the pot adjusts the heat.

Really, there is no reason one might not use these ideas inside as well. More at Kyle Thacker.

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