Mural Dishwasher by Lacasse and Savard


I previously admired this horizontal eco dishwasher concept by Marie-Christine Lacasse & Marie Claude Savard, seen at the University of Quebec in Montreal Design Grad Show, but only had the video.

I am particularly fascinated by it because I used to try and get clients to install two dishwashers, which would act as storage as the dishes just went from one to another. This would save cupboard space, the work emptying the dishwasher and energy, as you don't run it until all of the dishes are moved from one to the other and it is full. This wall-unit design is a much more elegant solution.

Mocoloco's Eric Demay provides us with more information.


Mural Dishwasher. Designers: Marie-Christine Lacasse & Marie Claude Savard, professor: Patrick Evans.

"Reviewing everyday objects the designer duo of Marie-Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard tackled rethinking how a dishwasher should work, as part of, and displayed in, the kitchen space. Combining the cabinets where you would usually store dishes, the idea is to simply drop the dirty dishes on the rack and the autonomous dishwasher fills up and does it's thing - cleaning and washing, moving from one cabinet to the next."