Mode Designs Clean, Sleek System to Organize Recyclables

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For communities that don't allow you to just toss all of your recyclables in one bin and leave them by the curb comes the Deluxe All-in-One-Recycling Center by Mode. It combines, it organizes, it eliminates odors and it even reminds - what will they think of next when it comes to organizing rubbish?The All in One Recycling Center stands just 28" tall (just a little over 2 feet) and is 15" wide by 17" deep. It has three separate compartments (a 38 liter/10 gallon bin for aluminum cans/plastic, an 8 liter/2 gallon bin for wine bottles, etc, and a 20 liter/5 gallon bin for paper), which when pulled apart easily nest within each other so you can carry them out to the curbside (or your car) easily. Though none of these recycling bins seem very deep and the center itself is not very tall, so it looks like you might be eliminating recyclables fairly often. Not to worry as each bin comes with a programmable reminder clock so you never have to miss another pickup day.

There is a slotted groove on the top of the container to stick junk mail and/or newspaper through. Their image shows that the papers all stack nicely once inside, but I'm not so sure shoving papers through this small slot will result in organization. The lid to the largest 10-gallon bin on top also contains an odor eliminator packet, which you will occasionally have to replace with USD$6 replacement cartridges. If you want special bagged liners for the bin, those also come at a cost of USD$20 for 60 bags, or you could just dump the recyclables right into the recycling bin.

But, getting organized and looking good while doing it is gonna cost ya, as their basic model starts at USD$179.99. Upgraded models include the recycling bin with compaction to crush your aluminum cans at USD$229, the compaction and eco-track (to tell you how much you have recycled) at USD$249 and the stainless steel deluxe version at USD$269.00.

If you want a clean looking recycling system without having 15 cans lined up along your kitchen wall for every waste stream, then the Recycling Center is not a bad fit. One way it could have been better: if it was made out of recycled plastic. You can purchase the Recycling Center online now at Mode or at other home furnishing retail stores.

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