Loofah Art

Did you know that loofah is a vegetable? It’s made from a gourd-like plant that’s in the cucumber family and is originally from Asia. The plant dries naturally on the vine and is harvested by peeling the outer layer of skin off which exposes the inner fibers that form the loofah sponge. It’s then hand-seeded, washed and left to dry naturally in the sun. Loofah Art’s sponges are the first in the world to be certified USDA organic, not to mention they are hand fabricated into cute little whimsical shapes like veggies and marine animals. The great thing about these loofah sponges is that they’re safe to use on non-stick and cast iron pans, tough enough to clean those stubborn dirty dishes yet gentle enough to scrub fruits and vegetables. They were spotted by the New York Times at the Broadway Panhandler for $5.95 and we have to agree they’d make great summer hostess gifts! ::Loofah Art [by KD]