Living with Less: Rubika Kitchen by Lodovico Bernardi


We love showing furniture and fittings that let you do more in less space; Italian designer Lodovico Bernardi has designed the RuBIKA kitchen that pushes and pulls into a number of different forms, and even flips out to become a dining room table as well. It seems more like a prep island than a full kitchen, (It shows a stove and a sink, but cannot see how one does the service connections) but has some interesting features.


The designer writes:

Rubika is a new concept of kitchen. It has been developed with Eusebi furniture. It's conceived for small spaces to gives wide versatility to the kitchen's room. You can use the kitchen and the table as you want and as you need by moving and rotating it. Rubika's project permits a drastic reduction of material than a normal kitchen's furniture, moreover it's made of FSC certified wood. Project done in collaboration with Michele Monopoli and Stefano Ogis. (2008)


Unfortunately so many of these interesting designs fall apart when one has to fix them in place for water, waste, gas and electric hookups; Suddenly they are not so movable and flexible. More at lodovico bernardi via Cribcandy.

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