Little Miniki Kitchen Hangs On The Wall

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How much kitchen do you really need in a small apartment? Should you always have to look at it? The Miniki packs everything most people need into a very small package, with a lid that makes it go away when you aren't using it, turning it into a lovely credenza.

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It is made from variations of three basic modules derived from a 60 x 60 x 60 cm (2') cube, available in 14 colors.

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How much kitchen do you really need? When Andy Thomson designed the Sustain Minihome, he put twice this length of kitchen and a lot of storage into a 375 square foot trailer. Fitted out with a dishwasher like this, there is almost no storage at all. I wonder if this is enough kitchen for anyone who cooks regularly or seriously.

In his LifeEdited project, Graham Hill had a lot more storage but could make everything but the sink disappear when he wasn't using it.

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It's all nicely made, though:

miniki sees itself as an alternative to the throwaway society and is a response to the challenges of a modern, environmentally responsible world. To cater for this demand, each and every miniki is carefully made by hand, in Germany. The materials used meet the highest demands on quality and sustainable production (FSC).

miniki design is driven by the principles of sustainability and long life. A piece of furniture designed to last for decades also needs a timeless form – trendy, current elements are consciously rejected. miniki is born of a minimalist, elementary design philosophy. The focus is on function and the conscious and meticulous combining of materials. Inspired hand-crafted production and exact proportioning are assets that retain their attraction and appeal to the senses even after decades.

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Little Miniki Kitchen Hangs On The Wall
Almost everything you need when you don't have a lot of room

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