Lehman's Hand-Cranked Blender

Founded in 1955 by Jay Lehman in order to serve his local Amish community in Ohio and others without electricity, Lehman's, a purveyor of "historical technology," continues to do things the old fashioned way, providing supplies to homesteaders, missionaries, and treehuggers looking for a simpler way of life. We like this nifty hand-cranked blender (reminiscent of, but higher quality than, a few we've seen in the past), that's perfect for days on the boat, picnics, or a hurricane party, but there's plenty of other useful stuff here too, including many a water filter, gas-powered fridges, plant-based cleaners, organic seeds, hand-powered food mills, and much, much, more. Who says they don't make 'em like they used too? ::Lehman's [by MO]