La Cuchina Kitchen by Matteo Thun Gets Waaay Back To Basics

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We're all for getting back to basics and cooking like grandma used to do, but Matteo Thun, Maurizio Riva and friends go back a few more generations yet to come up with La Cuchina, shown at IMM Cologne's Living Kitchens.

thun la cuchina kitchen photo

It's true that I always loved sitting 'round the campfire roasting marshmallows, but somehow don't see putting firepits, logs and a tipi in the kitchen will catch on. The architects write:

La Cucina is a Homage to Mediterranean Food and Beverage - is a homage to wood. It is a tribute to tradition, authenticity and true values through a modern eye. Their passion for wood in its most natural form has brought Maurizio Riva and Matteo Thun working together for a long time. When talking about how to create a kitchen, it was agreed that it would be made from wood - it would have a fireplace, a water place and a food place - a centre for people to come together and eat.

thun la cuchina kitchen photo

Other parts of the kitchen design are more conventional.

As for good Italian Food, only the best and original ingredients were given to capture and to transfer the true purpose of a kitchen - in a modern way.

More at Matteo Thun, via Materialicious and KBCulture

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