Kitchen of Tomorrow from 1943

waffle-iron snippet photo

It's Monday, so Google must have rolled out another new feature to waste our day. Now that I have made my email look prettier I can move on to their new picture gallery of thousands of shots from Life Magazine. One amazing set found by Laure at Dwell is a 1943 series of a kitchen-of-tomorrow exhibit taken by Time/Life's Nina Leen.

It has built in waffle irons and toasters, a kitchen sink operated by foot pedals decent storage for root vegetables and a great glass display of canned goods from the gardens, this is truly a kitchen of tomorrow today. other Kitchens of the Future in TreeHugger:
kitchen old image
1939: The Electric House of the Future
fridgidaire kitchen image
1957 Frigidaire Dream Kitchen of Tomorrow
ge kitchen image
GE Kitchen of the Future

what used to be my favorite, The Kitchen of the Future, 1967

But you have to watch Dream Kitchen, set to music.

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