Kitchen manufacturer figures out new ways to use more electricity

Abimis countertop
© Abimis

Abimis offers refrigerated drawers and heated tops. Does anyone need this?

It has always amused me that people will spend tens of thousands of dollars on high end commercial-style appliances for their kitchens, and then put them between cabinets made of particle board. Commercial kitchens are made of materials like stainless steel, that are easy to clean and stand up to abuse.

There are some high-end Italian kitchens that are different; we have shown Valcucine all-glass kitchens and somewhere lost the internet void we showed this stainless steel kitchen by Abimis. These are kitchens that the Valcucine man at ICFF said were designed to "span generations."

Abimis countertop© Abimis refrigerated drawer, and don't get us started about eating octopus

Abimis claims to be commercial quality, "the chef can feel as though (s)he were in a genuine restaurant kitchen within the comfort of his or her home." But their latest idea is a bit nuts -- they refrigerate their drawers and even the garbage bins: "Indeed, preserving waste at a constant temperature of 6°C neutralises unpleasant odours and reduces the spreading of bacteria, especially in humid waste."

warm drawer© Abimis

If that's not enough, they will also heat the countertops and other drawers. "The heating system, inside the counters and right under the working top, keeps the crockery warm before it is placed on the table, helping the chef-at-home during the dishing-up phase."

Abimis kitchen© Abimis

I suppose that, if I am not going to complain about the embodied energy of making a kitchen out of a ton of stainless steel (but it's recyclable!), I shouldn't complain about adding refrigeration and heating to a kitchen. But it does seem that we never stop figuring out ways to waste more electricity.

What do you think?

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