Kitchen in a Suitcase from Coleman

coleman kitchen in use photo

Coleman stoves have been around forever; the green metal two-burners have been staples of car camping, if a little bit heavy for canoe trips or hiking. Now they have mashed it together with a storage section; when you unfold it you have room for plates, cutlery, condiments and spices and a cutting board.

coleman kitchen closed and open picture

a "Hard anodized sink/basin with moveable sections for customizable storage bins is inside the lid and doubles as food cover/warmer."

coleman kitchen storage photo

I can see someone getting away with this in small spaces; instead of having to devote permanent space to the kitchen, one can just open it up when they need it. Or perhaps a more elegant version for New York apartments where cooking is such a rarity that it might as well be in the closet rather than taking up space. Put this together with a thermo-electric cooler and it might be all the kitchen some people need. via ::Neu Black

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