Kitchen of the Future looks pretty much like the kitchen of yesterday, but wired

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It's the big kitchen and bath show in Las Vegas next month, and the kids at Virginia Tech, who won a Solar Decathlon with their Lumenhaus, are now working on the FutureHAUS, and taking its kitchen to the show.

It doesn't look a whole lot different than the kitchens of today; it has none of the wonders we saw in kitchens of the future from the fifties and sixties, other than all of its components are part of the Internet of Things. It's all clean and white, because Professor Joseph Wheeler notes that “The younger generation expects everything to look like their iPhone”.

kitchen details© Virginia Tech
So the fridge keeps inventory of ingredients, the microwave sets itself after reading the Universal Product Codes (hey guys, you are supposed to take your food out of the package before you nuke it), the tabletop and backsplash are giant monitors, and instead of a window, the ovens have cameras which allow "you to see your pizza crisping in real time while you watch TV, thanks to the magic of picture-in-picture technology."

Everything appears to be monitored and catalogued by UPCs; no word on whether they will have Real Time Vegetable Recognition (RTVR, I am going to kickstarter this today.) when someone wants to actually cook real food from scratch. However they do have ethylene detection in the vegetable crisper to tell you when to compost the contents.

I actually find it a bit depressing, this "fully automated, fully integrated, prefabricated module that seems to do everything for you." You might as well just order up a drone delivery or a Jafflechute. And it doesn't even have a built in waffle iron.

Back in 1943 they knew how to do these things. Here are some of our favorites:

kitchen old image

1939: The Electric House of the Future
fridgidaire kitchen image

1957 Frigidaire Dream Kitchen of Tomorrow
ge kitchen image

GE Kitchen of the Future

what used to be my favorite, The Kitchen of the Future, 1967

But you have to watch Dream Kitchen, set to music.

Kitchen of the Future looks pretty much like the kitchen of yesterday, but wired
These things used to be a lot more fun.

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