"Kitchen Composition" Built From Scraps

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Images credit Dilettante Studios

You've got to love the attitude of John Preus and Charlie Roderick of Dilettante Studios in Chicago. They work almost exclusively with found, inherited, re-purposed and salvaged materials, mixing, matching and mashing them together to build collages of scrap.

dilettante studios kitchen recycled photo

They explain why:

DS is committed to finding ways to ground the imagination within this economy, this ecosystem, this planet and its resources, and the specific community that surrounds you. We wait to begin dreaming until we have some materials in hand. We shop at the architectural salvage yards, before visiting the retail lumber yard or the home improvement warehouse. We check Craigslist, before Menards. We visit the construction dumpster on your block before making another trip to the lumber yard. It is much more fun, revitalizes communities in all sorts of ways, provides an interesting lens through which to explore your environment, and most importantly, is vastly more sustainable.

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For their kitchen composition, the clients were two artists where open to experimentation and participated in the design process.

Our consultations were like formal art school critiques, and the composition evolved and developed over time, making changes, repositioning elements until it looked right and worked right.

dilettante studios kitchen recycled photo detail

They start with old, used materials and let it stay old and used:

What developed was a composition based largely on the primary components, a walnut cabinet from the Rebuilding Exchange, and the various colors of aged lumber that we were able to accumulate- douglas fir floor joists, cedar fencing, walnut doors and panels, pine shelving, both natural and painted white

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