Kitchen is built into stone slab, hiding in plain sight

tuler kitchen
© Offmat

Sometimes when you live in a smaller space you want your kitchen to disappear. The Tulèr kitchen, designed by Marmo Arredo and Tipic, has some interesting features that let it be both hidden and in your face at the same time. It looks like a big stone table. It is a new product from Offmat, which is stone company Marmo Arredo's "“lab&hub” conceived as a high avant-garde content challenge, industrial capacity and artisanal knowhow, to explore the infinite possibilities of matter and propose solutions for tomorrow’s marketplace: intelligent, efficient, versatile and durable." Which all sounds like fun.

Being from a stone company, it is all about making things disappear under a thin veneer of stone. Whether this is practical or makes sense is another story, but it sure looks pretty. When you look closely at these photos from Contemporist... ,

induction range© Offmat via Contemporist

There is a four element induction cooktop, with "Inductors installed under the layer of thin stone and reported by laser working" and also somehow has a "hood integrated on surface, in the aspirating or filtering modular variant".

tuler scale© Offmat via Contemporist

A scale built into the counter;

Tachán!! Si existe esta aquí #fieramilano #comoniños #offmat

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But the most interesting feature is the disappearing sink, where the stone slab sinks with a wave of your hand. I am not sure it is really practical for daily kitchen use, and I don't know how you clean it properly, but it is clever.

charging phone© Offmat via Contemporist

And of course every kitchen of the future will have a wireless cellphone charger built in. Given our complaints about stone counters, the probable very high cost and the impracticality of it all, one will probably wonder why is this on TreeHugger? There are some interesting ideas here about integrating our appliances and making them disappear. And it is pretty.

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