Just What We Needed Dept.: Seven Things You Don't Want for Christmas

butter slicer image

My favorite talmudic anecdote is from the Rabbi who noted "my life has been blessed, because I never knew I needed anything until I had it." I know exactly how he felt; How have I coped without this One Click Butter Cutter? found on Dvice. No wonder North American kitchens are so big, they have to accommodate all of this crap.

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Here is another solution in search of a problem, the pie gate. How many times have you needed to keep the edges of your pie from running or drying out? At least it has the benefit of lying flat and not taking up too much space. via Dvice

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I rather like the concept of the Presto Pizazz Pizza oven, it rotates under the heater. "Rotating tray continually turns the pizza to assure even baking, top and bottom." I can probably hook up a needle and play my old LPs on it. Via the Kittalog

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And when the pizza is ready, in case you can't figure out how to cut a pizza into triangles and somehow lift it off the platter, these pizza scissors make it easy.

pizza scissors lifting image


batter dispenser image

Making pancakes all the same size is soooo hard and so important, Dick gets so upset if Jane gets a bigger one. "With just a squeeze of the handle, this dispenser releases pancake batter with uniform precision! Makes it easy to fill muffin tins or waffle makers, too." Via the Kittalog

nytimes toaster image

The New York Times is having trouble selling papers these days, so they have branched out into toasters. "Stainless steel pop-up toaster features a removable logo plate that toasts The Times "T" onto your bread." Now if it was only wifi-enabled and worked like the dot-matrix toaster shown below

dot-matrix toaster image

so that we could read the news on it, then we would have something.

donut matic image

And finally, Canadians who relish Tiny Tom donuts will want the Dough-Nu-Matic, which "automatically forms, fries and drains delectable mini-doughnuts in just 50 seconds! " Joel at BoingBoing notes that "Without too much trouble I should be able to saw off the small plastic catch at the end and position my yawning maw directly underneath, each donut triggering an infrared sensor that activates a motorized belt attached to my jaw. "

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