Culinary Curio: Clever Jam Jar Shelf De-Clutters & Doubles Storage Space

Peter Marigold jam jar shelfPeter Marigold /via

For those of us who are compulsive collectors of empty glass jars, it can be difficult to find free space on the shelves. Not so with UK-based designer Peter Marigold's clever re-design of the typical kitchen shelf -- instead of amassing glass jars on the top, they're put on the underside, with the lids screwed on -- effectively doubling the storage area.

We've seen some of Marigold's intriguing designs before, which often play with recycled materials or asymmetrical geometries. Recently created for Paris' Perimeter Art and Design Galerie, Marigold's Jam Jar Shelf features a collection of various glass jam jars which are affixed to the bottom of a shelf.

Peter Marigold jam jar shelfPeter Marigold/via

The jars can be easily unscrewed and refilled many times with whatever strikes your fancy. Clutter is inverted, while giving the impression of a culinary curio of sorts. With some basic tools and a standard shelf, it's a simple enough idea that any do-it-yourselfer could undertake -- an easy but creative way to make the best use of mismatched jars.

See more of Peter Marigold's designs on his website.

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