It Slices and Dices: Trends in Green Fridges

sub-zero fridge photo
While we continue to stress that small fridges make good cities, there are some trends in big fridges that are worth looking at. So much food is wasted because it turns into compost in the vegetable drawer; much of this is due to the fact that many fruits naturally give off ethylene gas during their ripening process, affecting other fruits and vegetables in the fridge.

Subzero has added a filter "developed by NASA" that uses that miracle material titanium dioxide and ultraviolet light to scrub the air in the fridge every twenty minutes, removing odors and bacteria as well as the ethylene gas. It also uses two compressors to keep the temperatures in a tight range with +/-1°F accuracy.

No word on the spec sheet on its energy consumption, but they don't appear to be promoting it as energy star. ::Appliancist and ::Gizmodo

Sub-zero video explaining Fridge


Hitachi Fridge Sprays Vitamin C

Hitachi has introduced a line of fridges with glass interiors for easy cleaning, Flex vacuum insulation" walls for low energy consumption, deodorizing filter and to top it all off, "antioxidant vitamin sprays to protect you and the nutrients." The vitamin C spray causes meat to keep its colour longer and retards nutrient loss in fish and vegetables. ::DVice and ::Hitachi
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