Is "Green Disposable Cutlery" a Contradiction in Terms?

greenware aleem virani photo

Aleem Virani complains that "for five months I have been sending tips to TreeHugger and you never show my product. " No wonder- he sells disposable cutlery, not exactly the most TreeHugger correct product when we encourage restaurants and customers to stop using disposables. But when you meet him in person, Aleem tells a convincing story.

Whether we like it or not, 100 billion individual disposable pieces of plastic cutlery are used and thrown out each year. Greenware's wooden disposables are made from FSC certified wood and are completely compostable.

Aleem explains that there are no chemicals or toxins and is really healthier, they offset their shipping with carbon credits, that there is still a huge market in take-out, on airplanes and in schools. On their website, Greenware writes:

Greenware Products believes it should be both easy and affordable for all of us to feel good about living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. We offer consumers, individuals and businesses alike, a solution to minimize harmful plastic waste with our eco-friendly Wooden Disposable Cutlery.

And, I suppose, that if it was absolutely necessary to have disposable cutlery, then I would rather see this than plastic. But I shudder to think what would happen if 100 billion pieces of it were made. And I remember school cafeterias and airplanes with real silverware.

More information at Greenware products . Found at the Green Living Show.

Without meaning any disrespect to Aleem and Greenware Products, there is an issue here. Can you have a green disposable product?