Hummer of Fridges Goes Green


When I first heard that Sub-Zero and Wolf were going Energy Star I thought that this was akin to a hydrogen Hummer, a monster fridge or six burner range that somehow was insulated enough to get a decent Energy Star rating but still too big and too much. But no; in their range of rated green products there is not a five foot wide fridge or six burner range in the fleet. Not only that, they have rated under-counter fridges and drawer fridges, because we know small fridges make good cities.


They say that their dual-compressor system is far more efficient than the traditional single-compressor unit. Beyond energy efficiency Sub-Zero says they use recycled plastic, and that they are "grown locally": all their products are made in the United States.

Of course they still make the honking five-footer fridges and six-burner Wolf ranges that use enough gas to heat a neighbourhood, but it is a start. Now if only we could afford one...::Subzero Green Kitchen via ::dput at Hugg

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