Hrafnkell+Summa Baking Tools

Designers Sebastian Summa (german) and Hrafnkell Birgisson (icelandic) worked with manufacturer Hugo Bräuer (berlin) and pastry-cook Martina Griese to create 6 most excellent cake-baking tins. They are created (see pics below) using this old-school process of spinning metal sheets over wooden molds. $20-26/each. Email to purchase. ::Hugo Brauer ::Hrafnkell ::DesignMail

These designers found that Brauer makes products such as cooking pots, milk cans, vacuum cleaner parts and lamp shades and that over the last 100 yrs, a ton of wood moulds had accumulated. They simply picked ones that they liked and that looked good for baking a cake in. I love the idea that your cake might be in the form of an old hubcap. Environmentally, they are created using minimal energy (cold process), use old pre-existing machines/molds, will last forever and are made of recycled aluminum.


Another example.


Another example.


Another example. Note how great the circular indent
on the top is to fill with berries etc..


The machine they build these babies on.


A pile of the old moulds.


The, no?