HauteGREEN 2007 Sneak Peek: Bambu


Astute readers will recall that bambu was also featured in HauteGREEN last year, with their clever "Give It a Rest" series. They're back in the show this year as well (check out the rest of our "Sneak Peek" series here), with the Chop, Scoop & Serve cutting board (above, left) and Spoontula (above, right). Both products, made with 100% organically-grown bamboo, are designed to do double duty: the elegant cutting boards have a handy scoop which allows its user to chop on one side and serve on the other; the Spoontula, as the name suggests, is a combination spoon and spatula, so you can reach for just one tool in the kitchen instead of two (for more on these designs, check out our coverage of them earlier this year). As with their entry last year, these designs from bambu prove that form can follow function, and that they deserve consideration any time we talk about the best in sustainable design. ::bambu and ::HauteGREEN 2007

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