Hack your IKEA kitchen in style with IKEA HACKA

Hacking IKEA furniture and kitchens is a thing; there is even a website devoted to it. IKEA is a bit passive-aggressive about it, sometimes going after people for trademark abuse and other times actually encouraging it, like they do in their collaboration with IDEO and Lund University School of Industrial Design, where they " explore how the kitchen of the future might look like." This year three students, Linus Hagberg, Philipp Süssmann and Niklas Papen, designed IKEA HACKA, a whole new way of hacking IKEA kitchens that's on display right now at #IKEAtemporary in Milan.

Ikea hacka closeup photo© IKEA HACKA

The designers explain:

Ikea offers well designed furniture and objects, affordable for the many people. But these products often can’t fullfill the needs of the individual user perfectly. Ikea furniture are converted, adapted, connected to each other and equipped with new functions. Also the feel of creating by yourself and having something unique is a driver for the motivation of hacking.

framing system for hacka photo© IKEA HACKA

They came up with a framing system of beams and clever joints that is extremely flexible and adaptable, so that third party components can be installed.

framing closeup detail© IKEA HACKA

Here you can see the framing sized neatly around the various components. It's a nice looking, loose fit system that can adapt to any circumstance. It does not look particularly easy to clean, and it certainly doesn't hide much in the configuration they show in Milan, but other older versions have doors over everything.

Ikea hacka tool closeup© IKEA HACKA

On Designboom they even show a special miter box and saw to make assembly easier. Nice hacking from IKEA Hacka.

IKEA HACKA from Philipp Süssmann on Vimeo.

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