Grind Your Own with the KoMo Fidibus Classic

The KoMo cereal grinder allows you to make your own fresh flour at home and it does it well, meaning fine, without heating the cereal up to keep its natural humidity, and using a minimum amount of energy. This is because the stone consist of ceramics mixed with corundum, which makes it stronger than diamond (so they say),10 times more durable than granite (often used in mills) and uses less energy to power the grinder. Its box is made from organic wood treated with organic oils. The electric motor uses 360 W and grinds 100 g of wheat, rice, etc. per minute. The maximum noise level lies at 70 db. It comes with a 6 year guaranty, Fidibus Classic costs around €300 and different designs are available, such as a wall-mounted version. Now you just have to ask yourself if you really need this thing… If you prefer muscle power, check out this coffee grinder.
KoMo grinders are available at Conasi (Spain), Oekoweb (Austria), Natural Europe and on eBay