GreenCookingPots Offer Le Creuset Designer Style Without the Designer Price Tag

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Creators Cafe and Mica McMullen. Image via: GreenCookingPots

Thanks to the folks at Daily Candy for this awesome tip! With the holidays coming up, and that inevitable office party or family gathering, maybe it's time to freshen up your kitchen cookware. Or, maybe you want to ask for some decent cookware for your first new home, but don't know where to get green items that won't make your family laugh out loud? Thanks to GreenCookingPots, you can get all of these things checked off of your holiday wish list.

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Greencookingpots are the new creation by cooking duo, twin sisters Mica and Cafe McMullen, who like to create great, . The pots are all enamel, cast-iron and chemical free. Plus, they hold up to other designer dishware by distributing heat evently around the pot - ensuring you won't over cook your items or ruin a dish with a burnt crush and a soupy middle. The pots are also oven-safe, and can stand the heat. While other cookware materials - teflon, aluminum, etc - have raised health concerns, these cast iron pots are the "healthy" alternative.

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In addition to pots, you can get saucepans, grill pans, roasting pans, dutch ovens and come in bright, primary colors like red, orange, yellow, green and blue. You can even get cute little shaped pots and impress all of your guests. The chefs suggest that the pots are easy to clean with just a sponge and soapy water, and any stains will lighten with just a little bit of lemon juice. Skillets start at $33 USD and 4-piece sets are $131 USD.

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