GE Kitchen of the Future


We want GE's Kitchen of the future. Now. "The entire suite offers a full-width display combined with touch sensors across the entire surface. What does that mean for consumers? Imagine new possibilities for recipe presentation and entertainment. In total, this surface affords multiple levels of interaction and the navigation of complex information.". ..."GE's industrial designers and engineers envision organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology as the primary lighting source in the kitchen of the future and have represented this with a fabric canopy with lights above the kitchen." ... "The GE Kitchen of the Future will put a focus on environmentally friendly products to reduce pollution and increase efficiency while lowering operating costs. The Kitchen of the Future will provide clean water purified via ultraviolet light, assuring that the water is free of bacteria, without chemicals. Consumers will load the dishwasher with detergent in bulk, and it will be dispensed via algorithms to minimize the cleaning agents in wastewater. GE envisions that in the future, gray (waste) water can be diverted for other home and garden applications." It won't cook for you, but will tell you if you have the ingredients for chick peas in ginger sauce.... GE ::Kitchen of the Future via ::Engadget