Floating Kitchen Might Feel At Home In A LifeEdited

harmonie floating kitchen photo

Image Credit Arthur Bonnet

Leslie at KBCulture likes the Harmonie from French kitchen manufacturer Arthur Bonnet; so do I. It would do well in a LifeEdited.

harmonie floating kitchen photo

In a six by six box, it includes everything you need in a kitchen, including an eating area. It has the washing up on one side, the cooking on the other, and floats away from the walls. The designer, via google translation, writes:

The innovative concept of island-laboratory concentrates all the functions of the kitchen, on a minimum of space. On a square of 1.80 m side, all features are grouped together and release the space. The work plan becomes a plan snack in the hour of breakfast. All accessories and utensils are neatly arranged, thanks to sliding arranged. The trick practice: the dishwasher is positioned vertically near the trash sorting and sink.

harmonie floating kitchen photo

I don't know why the dishwasher sticks up like this; my first thought was that this should be the fridge. But it would be easy to unload. More at Arthur Bonnet.

Does it make sense? Does it work better than a conventional kitchen? I am not certain. I like the way it floats. But what it also does is look at how a kitchen works and present an alternative.


Image credit sdaniele

One of my biggest disappointments in the LifeEdited competition is how many of the entries are so conventional in their treatment of the kitchens and bathrooms, just lining them up against the air shaft as was done a hundred years ago, in many cases not as well as what was there a hundred years ago. Perhaps floating the kitchen is not a real improvement, but it at least is something to think about. More at LifeEdited
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