Float Kitchen is made from independent mobile islands

Float kitchen with cat

A few years back we looked at the trend of "loose-fit" kitchens, where components are like furniture, and can be put anywhere. It's an idea with legs; you can take your kitchen with you when you move, just disconnect the plumbing and wiring hookups and it is mobile. The Float Kitchen by MUT is an interesting example.

Float Kitchen© MUT

Designer Alberto Sánchez tells Mocoloco "every piece is a detached, mobile island which can be integrated in open spaces and no longer obliges us to stare at the wall while cooking."

Float island© MUT

Based on a plain, sober and ecologically sustainable design, Float consists of five pieces of furniture characterized by simplicity: a kitchen island, a cupboard, a glass cabinet, a serving cart and a room divider.

Float wall unit© MUT

There is no question that the fitted kitchen has advantages, but floating a kitchen away from the walls does too, particularly in spaces like lofts where you don't want to push things up against the wall. It also ends the tyranny of the 36" counter; different elements can be different heights. (I always liked putting stove tops lower than 36" so that short people like me could see into the tops of pots more easily.)

Float kitchen island and cabinet© MUT

But the key green benefit is that you only buy as much as you need, and you can take it with you. Definitely an idea with legs. More photos at Mocoloco

Serving cart© MUT

Float Kitchen is made from independent mobile islands
Is the "loose-fit"kitchen design really coming back?

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