House & Garden Magazine: May 2007


May is kitchen month at House & Garden magazine, and nestled between style ideas from Giorgio Armani and Isaac Mizrahi are some pretty good ideas for healthy kitchens and green style at home. The "Eco Chic" column (page 66) features ideas to cook green, save energy and reuse as much as possible; while most of the tips (like saving water with smart dishwashing, saving energy with smart appliances and giving organic waste a second life with composting) won't be new to dedicated TreeHuggers, it's a good collection of ideas for those just started going green in the kitchen. Sue Halpern and Bill McKibben offer the solar oven/solar cooker option (page 68) as a summer alternative to the wall oven that's becoming increasingly mainstream because folks are discovering that cooking with the sun rewards patience with intense (but not overpowering) and fresh flavors that traditional cooking simply cannot deliver. Page 142 offers some trade secrets for maximizing space in small kitchens, including Joe Colombo's MiniKitchen, and page 176 offers a beautiful example (and some handy tips) to organic gardening, including when to plant, where to plant and how to keep things growing while keeping the planet's needs in mind. There's lots more in the print version, and more green can be found at the Green Living section of ::House & Garden magazine

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