Ekokook: The Kitchen of the Future That Produces, Prepares and Disposes

kitchen of the future ekokook photo

Faltazi Lab

Kitchens today are designed around bringing stuff in from the store and throwing out what we don't eat. Inhabitat shows us the Ekokook from Faltazi Lab, which "turns everyday waste into a new reusable source of energy, where each drop of water that fell on the roof or came from a tap should be used to the maximum instead of going straight down the drain."

kitchen of the future ekokook photo details

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I particularly like the storage system above that has seed beds and dispensers. The counter has recycling bins of every kind, and a worm composter to take care of all of the organics.

kitchen of the future ekokook photo top view

Ekokook grew out of an experimental approach based on the analysis of the nerve center of every home, the kitchen. The place where we store food and prepare food, and produce and evacuate wastes is a vital core area for exchanges and convergences. It is also a place that generates all sorts of pollution. Which makes it the ideal focus for a study in eco-design.

kitchen of the future ekokook photo composting

Section through vermicomposter.

kitchen of the future ekokook photo drawings

More (in french) at Ekokook, a tremendous bit of work from Faltazi

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