Ekobo Bamboo Kitchenware Now Available in the US

All of us TreeHuggers in the US have been enamored with Ekobo's fabulous bamboo kitchen accessories (as we mentioned here and here) since they launched earlier this year. Happily, various incarnations of their product lines are slowly becoming available stateside, at places like Target, Illico Design, and, most recently, at Lekker Home. It's easy to like Ekobo; they are committed to both guaranteeing good working conditions for the artisans in Vietnam who make their products, and to demonstrating its commitment to social equity and educating consumers about the benefits of such a policy (read more about their sustainability initiatives here). Aesthetically, the products are both unique and classically designed and (our favorite part) made from bamboo. As before, the products are still available many places in Europe. ::Ekobo