Ecologic Sustainable Tableware For Your Holiday Fiestas

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Not that we are advocating for a throw-away culture, but if you happen to be hosting a holiday party and have more guests than tableware, why not try the Ecologic tableware made from 100% organic plant fiber. The bowls and plates are made to last for years, but are healthy enough that they can be thrown in your compost bin when you are done.

More images after the jump. Made with 100% organic fiber (mostly bamboo) and non-toxic resins, the bowls won't ruin your yard or compost soil when you dispose of them. The bowls and plates look like high-end dark wood. The tableware is packaged in post-consumer packaging and printed with soy inks. Not to worry, the tableware is all FDA approved so its safe to put food on and contains no lead.

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You can purchase pieces in 2 and 4 piece sets including plates, salad plates and bowls. Items come in a natural wood color or a mocha wood color. Ecologic designed the tableware to be ecological but also affordable so all of the bowls and plates retail for roughly $8-10 USD a piece, but come in sets of 2 or 4. The makers of Ecologic products also recommend that you can use the tableware to pot plants in or find some other crafty reuse project before just launching them into your compost bin to become worm food.

Ecologic is a member of 1% For the Planet and supports groups like Global Green USA and The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. Eco Collection can be purchased at, and the Two-piece bowl sets retail for $16.99 and the 4 piece dinner plates retail for $39.99. :Ecologic::Ecologic Blog
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