Dy-rection Line: A Small, Movable Kitchen


Taking the "less is more" ethos to a bit of an extreme, Thai designer Wiwat Pitakpongsanit's "Dy-rection Line" kitchen is a place to cook, serve, meet, party, eat, and work. The range, oven, sink, table, three stools and extendo-countertop are all encompassed in the smart, space-saving design, which can be neatly "put away" when not in use. Aside from having perhaps the coolest name of any designer we've seen, Pitakpongsanit seems to have a knack for creating remarkable utility and a functional room using precious little space. Hit the jump to see what the kitchen can do, and where everything goes when it's time to clean up; bonus points if you can guess where the stools go before seeing the picture below. via ::Yanko Design

Tags: Less Is More | Thailand | Transformer Furniture


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