Dumb-Bell Cutlery Lets You "Eat Yourself Skinny"

dumb bell cutlery

Images credit Cheeky.com

TreeHugger is always promoting a healthy diet and lots of exercise, so how could we pass on this simple way of combining the two. Dumb-Bell Cutlery gives you a work-out while you eat, with 1kg (2.2 lbs) knifes and 2 kg. dessert spoon (because you only use one at a time). Cheaper than sterling flatware at $ 160 per setting.

dumbell cutlery image

I remember this from MAD Magazine when I was a kid, where they proposed dealing with obesity by putting heavy springs under the accelerator pedals of cars so that you really had to work to press on the gas, or making telephone handsets weigh ten pounds. But you can't keep a good idea down. Available from Cheeky.com, who say "This is going to revolutionise the diet industry and that is why they are so damn expensive (and they are hand made)." Found on Book of Joe

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