Dream Kitchens Of Tomorrow Were Supposed To Do All The Work For You

closer kitchen© Closer Than We Think/ Arthur Radebaugh

Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work, and is done pretty much the way our grandparents did it, by hand. It wasn't supposed to be that way; we were supposed to have robots by now that would do the work for us. For your holiday viewing pleasure I recycle my two favourite videos of kitchens of the future.

This entire 1956 video is hallucinatory, promoting a range of General Motors products, but focuses on the kitchen at about 3:20.

By 1967 the computer that cooks is is also a dietician, rejecting dad's choice of a hamburger and fries. Philco predicts:

At the turn of the century, most food will be stored frozen in individual portions. The computer will keep a running inventory of all foodstuffs and suggest daily menus based on the nutritional needs of the family. When the meal is selected, the various portions are fed directly into the microwave oven for a few seconds of thawing or warming.

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