Drawer Fridge Saves Energy, Protects Food


We keep saying "Small fridges make good cities" and keep looking for the perfect small fridge. When we wrote about the Norcool drawer fridge, we bemoaned the fact that it had open bottoms and all of the cold air would fall out of it. Commenter Fridgegirl informs us that there are other drawer fridge designs that specifically address this issue.

The FX series from Randell is designed for commercial installations but hits all of the issues. The drawer itself is insulated, and specifically designed to hold the cold. It is designed for safety first: "Whether operating as a refrigerator or freezer, this new technology provides individual units with 100% cooling within each insulated insert. Temperatures remain consistent and energy is conserved no matter how many times the unit is opened and closed. Since cold remains in the insulated insert, food remains refrigerated and safe from dangerous bacteria and cross contamination."


"Traditional refrigeration systems all suffer from the same traditional problems. Open and close them again and again, and food is subject to re-freezing and crystallization, premature thawing, cross-contamination, even bacteria. All because the cold air isn’t kept where it belongs—with the food."

And, normally the air has to be re-cooled every time you open the fridge. We note again that this unit is designed for commercial use, and at 500 watts for three cubic feet it is not as energy efficient as the Norcool, which was rated at 105 watts for six cubic feet. However we look forward to somebody applying the principles of the Randell for a residential unit. That would be cool. ::Rendell FX

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