Dishwasher Mounts on Wall and Doubles As Storage Cabinet

I have always thought that people should have two dishwashers; instead of always putting things in and taking them out to put in the cupboard, you used the dishwasher as your cupboard and just moved them from one to the other. When I practiced as an architect I tried to convince clients to put two in, but they never did, for the same reason I don't have it: too expensive and takes up too much space.

The DualWash dishwasher does my idea one better; it not only works as a double dishwasher but it is put up on the wall where one would have a storage cabinet. The door slides across from one section to the other, with one mechanism in between. Each individual chamber is pretty small, but if you have the occasional party you can use both.

Dualwash sequence© Gökçe Altun, Nagihan Tuna, Pınar Şimşek, and Halit Sancar

Inhabitat tracked down the source of this clever thing. Turkish design students Halit Sancar, Nagihan Tuna, Pınar Şimşek, and Gökçe Altun of Middle East Technical University (METU)produced it for Home Heroes: Designing Tomorrow's Home Appliances (PDF Here)

Dualwash details© Gökçe Altun, Nagihan Tuna, Pınar Şimşek, and Halit Sancar

The designers also propose using supercritical carbon dioxide instead of water as the solvent. This is clever; liquid CO2 is being used experimentally as a solvent and is even being used to decaffeinate coffee. However it is only liquid above 72.9 atmospheres of pressure, which is going to make it pretty tough to seal a sliding door. It is an unnecessary level of complexity. Someone should make a water version, it is such a good idea that reduces the space needed for storage and removes a tedious step from the kitchen cleaning process.

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