Designing a Kitchen Without a Fridge


We agree with Donald Chong when he says Small Fridges Make Good Cities. Indian designer Nilay Shah and taken it to the next step, perhaps designing a kitchen for Vanessa Farquharson in mind and eliminating the refrigerator altogether.

The i Green Kitchen, designed with Italian kitchen company Veneta Cucine, "can be used for cutting, drying, preserving, measuring and serving food at the same time, makes use of trays that are developed from wood and bio-degradable plastic."

kitchen fridge detail image

If you don't have a fridge you have to get out into your community and shop daily. You also use less electricity and may waste less food, although fridges are great for leftovers, so you will only waste less if you don't cook more than you need. Perhaps a small fridge might not be so bad.... EcoFriend via Re-nest, where they ask: "is a kitchen like this practical? Is there a market for it?"

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